Begonia "Mint Chocolate Chip"
Begonia "Mint Chocolate Chip"
Begonia "Mint Chocolate Chip"
Begonia "Mint Chocolate Chip"
Begonia "Mint Chocolate Chip"
Begonia "Mint Chocolate Chip"

Begonia "Mint Chocolate Chip"


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ImageOriginated in Brazil
ImageBest under bright indirect light, can withstand moderate light
ImageAbout once a week, allow top 25% of soil dry out between waterings
ImageFairly easy to care, Air Purifying
ImageMildly toxic, best practice is to keep out of reach of kids and pets


Plant height/length:  Around 10-15cm.

Pot size:  9cm plastic grow pot.

Can be purchased in plastic grow pot, or repotted in a simple terracotta pot (reference image provided)


'Mint Chocolate Chip' rex begonia is a delicious treat to grow. Featuring an elegant silver green base, chocolate margins and exquisite veining on the center of each leaf that make it stand out from other plants in its region during shady times or when grown indoors year round!

The key to keeping this Begonia happy and healthy is keeping its soil moist. However, make sure the soil is moderately damp but not soggy to prevent diseases and root rot from setting in. A good way to do so is to make sure the soil is well-draining and that the top inch dries out between waterings. This Begonia is not as picky when it comes to lighting conditions. It is best placed in areas that receive bright indirect light but can also withstand moderate light conditions.

High humidity will keep your Begonia happy. You can use a humidifier to boost humidity at home or mist it at least once a day. Placing it in a tray filled will pebbles and water will also do the trick.

Important to know: As plants are natural products, form, pattern and colour will vary. 


All of our plants come with a QR code to a care guide so you or the recipient of your gift will have at your fingertips what you need to know to keep the plants beautiful. 

If you want more information about this plant before you buy check out our Plant Glossary.

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