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Grow poles provide a support structure for creeping plants or other plants with long stems, helping the plant avoid becoming too flat and spread out and keeping leaves from touching the floor. The wooden poles are wrapped in coconut coir, which is an efficient growing medium for plants, retaining moisture and nutrients that can help the plant's development. 

These grow pols are intended for both indoor or outdoor use.


Height: 30 / 60 / 90 / 120cm 

Width: 5cm


As plants grow they need support to keep them stable and to keep the leaves from falling towards the ground. This is important particularly for long stemmed plants or for plants with large leaves. Leaves falling to the ground may become damaged by contact or by lack of light. Supporting the stems also help the plant’s aesthetic. Tie the plant’s stems to the pole using string or twine.


These Grow Poles are suitable for use with all sizes of creeping and long stemmed/large leaved indoor plants.

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