Ficus Alii
Ficus Alii
Ficus Alii
Ficus Alii
Ficus Alii
Ficus Alii
Ficus Alii
Ficus Alii

Ficus Alii


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Elegant tall ficus plant in a sharp looking metal planter!

These less common varieties of Ficus look the part and are nice and easy to keep. The Rubber Plant 'Ficus alii' is a modern cultivar of the Ficus maclellandii and is known for its super long thin leaves which give rise to its nickname, banana leaf fig. Its upright shape with abundant thin leaves growing from its central stem give it a distinctive shape that's sought after amongst houseplant lovers.

Ficus alii is also pleasingly easy to take care of. It prefers bright indirect light, like other ficus varieties, but will tolerate lower light conditions and will not easily drop its pretty leaves. Watering should be done once a week to 10 days.

These potted plants are around 60-80cm tall with lush foliage. The plant comes ready potted in a 20cm plastic grow pot, placed within a 25cm diameter decorative hammered metal Garath Planter - ready to make a home feel warm for the New Year!

Included with this product

- 60-80cm tall Ficus alii potted in plastic pot

Important to know: As plants are natural products, form, pattern and colour will vary. 


ImageNone, cultivar
ImageBest under bright indirect light
ImageAbout once a week, allow top 2 inches of soil to dry out between waterings
ImageFairly Easy to Care
ImageMildly toxic if ingested, best practice is to keep out of reach of kids and pets


Plant height/length:  Around 60-80cm.

Pot size:  Metal pot, height 25cm, with 25cm. 


All of our CNY plants come with a written care guide so you or the recipient of your gift will have at your fingertips what you need to know to keep the plants beautiful. 

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