Giraffe Pot
Giraffe Pot
Giraffe Pot
Giraffe Pot
Giraffe Pot
Giraffe Pot

Giraffe Pot


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Surround your plants with stylish charm with our fantastic range of animal planters - the Giraffe Pot!

Embrace the Latin feel of the planter's back area which doubles as a repotting space for the plant.

Ideal for adding character to any indoor display or gifting to friends! These planters will make an impact and bring a unique flair to your home.


Height: 13cm

Width: 8.5cm

Internal diameter at the rim: 7cm


Drainage hole included.


Ceramic planters are made from clay fired at high temperatures and/or glazed to make them impenetrable to water.

They will not be susceptible to discolouration and will provide a fine looking finish that is most often sought after for homeware.

They make great looking, durable planters in a wide variety of colours and styles.


These ceramic animal planters make a cute and characterful companion for small plants, such as pothos, fittonia, and peperomias.

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