Looper Bowl Planter

Looper Bowl Planter


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Textured cement circular bowl planter with a ringed handle design and mustard and olive coloured finish with dark flecks.

These planters are intended for indoor use.


Height: 9cm

Width: 18cm


No drainage hole.


Cement is a common material for contemporary planters due to its strength and durability. Like Terracotta it is permeable to water, allowing water to pass through the pot, which aids evaporation from the soil, decreasing the chance of root rot.

This permeability can lead to discolouration of cement pots over time but pots that have been painted are less likely to suffer discolouration. Cement is often mixed with fibres to provide extra strength in larger sized pots.

Depending on the composition cement pots can be relatively lightweight and therefore easier to move around.


We recommend the Looper Planter for leafy medium sized houseplants, including Calatheas, Swiss Cheese Plants and Peace Lily. These contemporary style planters have a bold, interesting look that will suit design focused homes.

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