Olive Green Metal Repotting Trowels

Olive Green Metal Repotting Trowels


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Want to change the soil or perform some other non-routine maintenance on your plants? These repotting tools will help you get into it.

This metal repotting trowel allows you to do the basics of repotting, with pointed edges for soil breaking and a recessed body for shovelling.

This Repotting Tool is intended for indoor use.


Length: 25cm

Width: 8cm


When plants start to outgrow their pot or get attacked by bugs it may be necessary to repot the plant, either into fresh soil or a new planter or both.

Even in the absence of either of these factors we recommend changing the soil of a houseplant every 12 months or so to support the plant’s health.


These Repotting Tools are suitable for beginner and novice plant keepers who want to do infrequent plant repotting.

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