Pistacia Weinmannifolia
Pistacia Weinmannifolia
Pistacia Weinmannifolia
Pistacia Weinmannifolia
Pistacia Weinmannifolia
Pistacia Weinmannifolia

Pistacia Weinmannifolia


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ImageOriginated in China
ImageFull sun to partial shade
ImageRegular watering, well-draining soil
ImageDeciduous tree, attractive autumn foliage, produces small red fruits
ImageNon-toxic to pets


Plant height/length:  Around 35 cm.

Pot size:  glazed cement planter (width: 12 cm, length: 19 cm, height: 7cm)


Pistacia weinmannifolia, also known as Weinmann's Pistachio or Chinese Pistachio, is a deciduous tree native to China. It thrives in a location with full sun to partial shade, making it suitable for various outdoor environments. One of its striking features is the attractive autumn foliage, where the leaves turn vibrant shades of orange, red, and purple, adding a burst of color to the landscape. This is a plant that good to keep the mosquito away.

When caring for Pistacia weinmannifolia, regular watering is necessary to maintain its health, but ensuring the soil is well-draining is equally important. Adequate water and proper drainage contribute to its overall well-being. During the growing season, the tree produces small red fruits, which add visual interest to the tree and attract wildlife.

As for pet safety, Pistacia weinmannifolia is non-toxic to pets, making it a pet-friendly choice for gardeners and homeowners with animals.

Important to know: As plants are natural products, form, pattern, and color will vary. 


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