Syngonium Trileaf Wonder
Syngonium Trileaf Wonder
Syngonium Trileaf Wonder
Syngonium Trileaf Wonder

Syngonium Trileaf Wonder


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A medium sized plant gift to brighten up anyone's day!

Syngonium podophyllum ‘Trileaf Wonder’: Syngoniums are tropical plants, native to the Americas but well adapted to Asia. They are vining plants, so they can be grown tall on runners or allowed to trail. The Syngonium Trileaf Wonder is a beautiful and unusual variety, with sets of three lance shaped leaves. Great for adding that jungle feel to a room! The plant comes ready potted in our large sized yellow tribal design planter. A colourful and lush combination.

Size: 17.5cm diameter pot, with drainage hole. Plant height, illustratively, around 50cm.

Plants from our gifting selection will look similar but not identical to the photo. Plants are all different, don't expect or desire uniformity. Please leave a note in your order if you'd like to include a gift message. 


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